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Hybrid Amps - Effects - Processors - Wiring - NOS/NLA Tubes

Audio Atelier is a craft-driven business, built on a profound understanding of vacuum tube amplification, and the roles of passive and active components in the production of musical tones.

We can communicate with musicians and audio professionals about their requirements and desires for amplification, tone production, sound projection and reinforcement, and reproduced sound.

We can hear the differences that we discuss, and know how to voice electrical and mechanical components in the amplification chain, to achieve subtle, desired effects.

We inventory vacuum tubes by many manufacturers, and of different vintages; capacitors and resistors that have sound qualities we admire; quality loudspeakers, and many small components.

We work with the musician's ear and physical skills, with cabinet makers and luthiers, with recording engineers, and with venue operators, to achieve the sound product that the customer wants.


Home Contacts Testimonials Theory Links HiFi AudioFor Sale


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